Jan 12, 2016

America will pause to honor one of its heroes, Dr. King, on January 15, 2016. As Bakur (northern Kurdistan) comes under a Turkish war of aggression, we feel the need to make room for Dr. King’s message of nonviolence. To that end, we are undertaking A (open-ended) Kurdish Vigil for King’s Dream in Kurdistan in front of Turkish Embassy in Washington, DC (2525 Massachusetts Avenue NW) on his birthday at 11:00 AM. Be there. Bring friends. Help us break the silence on Turkey’s violence!

Our Goals

To the Turks who are working in the embassy behind us, you can put an end to our presence here by urging your government to stop waging war on our loved ones, and lift the shroud of death hanging over our cities.

To the Kurds living in America, you can join our vigil.

To the Kurds living in other countries that respect the rule of law, you can ignite similar protests—until the world is aflame with our bold cry for justice.

To the Americans who are here or will see this statement of ours on the Internet, you can remain true to your noblest ideals—such as when your bravery buoyed Dr. King and crowned blacks with justice in America.
“He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it,” Dr. King declared.

American support for Kurdish justice, with the same vigor given Dr. King, can spark brushfires of freedom that will light up the world with courageous cries for liberty in Turkey and Kurdistan!

Our Banners So Far

Stop Turkey’s War on Kurds!

Unarmed TRUTH & unconditional LOVE Win (i know it is harder to believe this in countries that don’t respect laws, but we are in america and our appeal is for kurds to undertake these types of protests in countries that have the rule of law) / Dr. King

Break the Silence
on Turkey’s Violence!

Save the Kurds!

Save Art from Turkish Jihadists!

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