For the crimes of encouraging and instigating the mass murder: Fethullah Gülen, Cult Leader, 1857 Mt. Eaton Road, Saylorsburg, PA 18353, USA; For the crimes of creating the conditions and environment for the crimes of mass murder and mass injury by abusing their power and recklessly ignoring their public responsibilities: Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Turkish Prime Minister… Continue reading

Jean Sasson’s Love in a Torn Land, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2007, explores the hardships and terror that Iraqi Kurds faced under Saddam Hussein’s Baathist regime. The biographical story revolves around Joanna al-Askari Hussain, a young woman born of an Arab father and a Kurdish mother. Despite her upbringing in Baghdad, Joanna’s Kurdish roots and her love of Kurdish define her life’s course. Continue reading

“We are very heartened with the rumblings of freedom that are putting an end to the rule of families owning countries in the Middle East. As the United States and its allies help the Libyans to free themselves from tyranny of Qaddafi, we urge the same forces to heed the domination of one race, the Turks, over the other, the Kurds, in Turkey. As Kurdish-Americans, we ask that the Obama administration appoint a special envoy to meet with the duly elected Kurdish representatives in Turkish Kurdistan. It will cost less than the operation over the skies of North Africa,” said Kani Xulam, the director of the American Kurdish Information Network (AKIN). Continue reading

Yesterday, Friday, we wanted to see what simple words coupled with soul force can do to the members of the Islamic community of Washington DC. Through street theater, we highlighted the ongoing oppression of Muslim Kurds by fellow Muslims throughout the Middle East. A blond looking Turk wanted to know if the local university students… Continue reading

“The Passion and Death of Rahman the Kurd: Dreaming Kurdistan” by Carol Prunhuber tells the story of Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou’s life and bloody murder in Vienna, Austria. The Kurds are a minority in the Middle Eastern countries of Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria. This book is about their struggle in Iran. Mr. Ghassemlou led that… Continue reading