Jun 29, 2015

Her abductors wanted this little girl dead.

Her crime: she was born a Kurd!

The man who held her fate in his evil hand hated Kurdish people.

He maliciously gassed them—wickedly wielding dictatorial power vested in him by his cousin Saddam Hussein.

Surviving Kurds call him Chemical Ali; his birth certificate labels him: Ali Hassan Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti.

This Kurdish girl is “saved” by the Iraqi Army around 1988—the year Saddam Hussein stopped executing Kurds by poison gas.

Not even in her teens, she is brainwashed into becoming a child-soldier to fight surviving Kurds for the glory of Saddam Hussein.

It is, alas, an old adage attributed to Byzantine Greeks, the best way to cut diamond is to use diamond.

The mercenary Kurds, or the brainwashed ones, are deadlier foes of patriotic Kurds than their sworn enemies.

Just consider the death and destruction in the city of Kobane this past week by a few Kurdish speaking barbarians of the Islamic State.

And think whose faces smiled from joy while those of the Kurds wept from pain!

Turks, Persians and Arabs will not advertise it, but lavish billions of dollars to turn Kurds against one another.

It has become their favorite pastime!

Our weakness, of course, is a major contributing factor, but their hatred of Kurds surpasses anything peoples of the world express for their favorite sports.

So long as devils like Saddam Hussein and Chemical Ali or those who miss them or resemble them brandish power, wars will continue to be our lot whether we are free or in bondage.

Going back to our story, during the war that erupted after Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in 1990, our little Kurdish child-soldier crosses paths with an American sharpshooter nicknamed “Big Boss.”

He takes her under his wings and calls her “Sniper Wolf.”

She warms up to him as well, and affectionately calls him “Saladin,” after the legendary Kurdish warrior.

The two then fly to the United States, where she quickly becomes a legend in her own right and joins an elite team of sharpshooters called Foxhound, an American paramilitary group which believes the government doesn’t honor soldiers, but uses them for its own selfish ends.

When Foxhound gets into trouble with the U.S. Government, Sniper Wolf joins their war on Washington.

Her colleagues want a world that is soldier-friendly, but Sniper Wolf has her own Kurdish reasons for fighting.

Although it is a fantasy video game, it’s boldly real-life for the Kurds, imagine if we had the means to stop the United States, Germany and France from supplying Saddam Hussein with poison gas.

When Sniper Wolf is killed, her touching, dying gasps, accompanied with almost-Hamlet-like soliloquy, remind one, if you are a Kurd, the most haunting Kurdish song, Halabja, by Sivan Perwer!

Although made of lifeless metal, her vibrant voice pulsates with the undying spirit of living, pushing you, literally, to the edge of your seat!

Listen to part of it, which might prompt you to Google all of it:

“I am a Kurd. I was born on a battlefield. Raised on a battlefield.”

That’s straight as a gun-barrel for Kurds, who suffer war cruelties.

“Gunfire, sirens and screams… they were my lullabies…

“Hunted like dogs, day after day… driven from our ragged shelters…

“That… was my life.”

It’s also the bitter life of persecuted Kurds!

“Each morning, I’d wake up… and find a few more of my family or friends dead beside me.

“I’d stare at the morning sun… and pray to make it through the day.

“The governments of the world turned a blind eye to our misery.”

In fact, they supplied Saddam Hussein with the poison gas notwithstanding the Kurdish plight or protests!

But then, amid the mayhem of combat of the First Gulf War, a shaft of sunlight shines, at least for the Kurdish girl, through the dark clouds of war.

“He appeared. My hero… Saladin… he took me away from all that…

“I became a sniper… hidden, watching everything… through a rifle’s scope.

“Now I could see war, not from inside… but from the outside, as an observer…

“I watched the brutality, the stupidity of mankind… through the scope of my rifle.

“I joined this group of revolutionaries to take my revenge on the world.”

Some saintly Kurds may have forgiven what the governments of the world did to them, but many more are still anxiously waiting for an acknowledgement of sort from the accomplices of this horrific crime against humanity and the Kurds.

Sniper Wolf doesn’t succeed in rousing the world from its heartless indifference, but you grudgingly “understand” her gallant effort.

Although Sniper Wolf is dead, her just cause of the Kurds endures.

Tyrants Saddam and Ali tried to crush it—so they could reap the riches of Kurdistan.

They failed.

The new Islamic State terrorists are dying to kill us not so much for our wealth, it seems, but for the opportunity to enter the mythical “brothels” of heaven!

They, too, will fail.

Because we are fighting back preferring to die on our feet than living on our knees or subjecting our kinder sex to depravity of walking monsters!

And we will prevail.

The Sniper Wolf action-filled electronic game is free on YouTube.

It movingly highlights the undeniable plight of Kurds for those who might ordinarily ignore it.

Check it out.

Kani Xulam @AKINinfo

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