Adopted December 12, 1996


The European Parliament,

– having regard to its previous resolutions on Turkey,

A. gravely concerned about the continuing deterioration of the human rights
situation in Turkey,

B. seriously alarmed by the initiatives of the parties which make up Turkey’s
coalition government to restrict freedom of the press and control the work of
journalists in Turkey,

C. noting that the very existence of a draft law to restrict freedom of the
press has deleterious effects on the ability of journalists to work freely,

D. shocked by the seriousness of the attacks on the media in Turkey,
particularly by means of the imprisonment, disappearance or assassination of
numerous Turkish journalists, bombing of newspaper offices and political
persecution of the publishers of certain newspapers,

E. whereas Turkey’s anti-terrorist legislation lends itself to unacceptable
violations of freedom of expression, contrary to international human rights
conventions signed by Turkey,

F. shocked by the detention and subsequent fining and expulsion from
Turkey of Soren Sondergaard by Turkish police during his visit as a member
of the Danish Parliament to observe the trial of Kemal Koc,

G. surprised by reports that the Turkish authorities have a ‘black list’ of
members and former members of the Danish Parliament who are regarded as
undesirable in Turkey, and noting that the Turkish authorities have admitted
the existence of the ‘black list’ and have handed the names to the Danish
Foreign Minister,

H. stressing that a significant improvement in the human rights situation is
one of the indispensable conditions for the development of future relations
between the European Union and Turkey,

1. Expresses its firm opposition to attempts to restrict freedom of the press in
Turkey and calls on the Turkish Government to abandon its plans to adopt a
new law to restrict this freedom, which would damage relations between the
EU and Turkey;

2. Reaffirms its commitment to freedom of expression and calls on the
Turkish Government and Parliament to guarantee the freedom of the
Turkish media to carry out information work;

3. Condemns the detention, fining and expulsion from Turkey of a member
of the Danish Parliament;

4. Expresses its concern at the existence of a ‘black list’ of elected European
politicians in the Turkish State, and calls on the Council to take the necessary
steps vis-a-vis the Turkish authorities to ensure that any form of ‘black list’
is done away with;

5. Instructs its President to forward this resolution to the Council, the
Commission, the Danish Government and Parliament, the Turkish
Government and the Turkish Grand National Assembly.


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