London MED TV Television in Turkish 1850 GMT August 28, 1998 “Teleconference” with PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan by telephone from an unidentified location, moderated by Gunay Aslan, including Duygu Leloglu from NTV, Tayfun Talipoglu from ATV, Huseyin Aykol from Ulkede Gundem, Ali Haydar Yurtsever and Fikret Aydemir from Milliyet, Mehmet Comert from Ihlas News Agency,… Continue reading

February 25, 1998 Editor’s note: The following incomplete introduction refers to the televised “town meeting” on Iraq which aired on CNN earlier this month, during which U.S. Secretary of Defense William Cohen held up a photograph of Kurdish victims of Saddam Hussein’s chemical bombing in Halapja on March 18, 1988. Newscaster: Cohen called the dead… Continue reading

Article by Nick Ryan 18 July 1997 Turkey Police raids and punishment beatings can’t stop MED-TV providing Kurdistan with a satellite channel to call its own. They call it the “Little Nation”. Here Assyrians rub shoulders with Turks, Muslims debate with Zoroastrians and guerrillas share pre-show canapZˇs with social democrats. The atmosphere is electric, alive… Continue reading