Feb 22, 1999

Dedicated to the Kurdish girl [Nejla Coskun] who set herself on fire in London protesting the arrest of the leader of their movement. My dear friend, I want to let you know that you are not alone.

Can’t You Hear Me?

It’s as though I’m in a prison so lonely,

Screaming, crying, but no one can hear me.

Destined to preach my sorrow,

All alone in a world so hollow.

Fifteen years down this road of pain,

If only my problems would wash off with the rain.

Help is what I’m looking for,

Someone who’ll open a door,

A door to freedom and love so sweet,

Someone who’ll take me off these awful streets.

I need to let you know I’m here,

So I set my body and soul on fire.

You must hear me out,

Can’t you see I do this with no desire?

The fire burns me slowly, but yet I can’t feel a thing.

Trying to get your attention, I don’t even feel a sting.

The crowd huddles around me,

Trying to take me away,

But I want to be heard so I struggle to stay.

The ugly world as I have known it hasn’t yet come to an end.

I can sadly say I’m still without a single friend.

My battle doesn’t finish here, you see,

Because I’m still here, can’t you hear me?
Azar Jazestani, Montreal, Canada

[Written by a young girl who was deeply touched by the courage of one of her peers.]

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