December and bad news come together in Turkey.

Two years ago, it was the Turkish planes that bombed a caravan of Kurdish villagers in the mountains of Kurdistan.

34 innocent Kurds met their violent end. In fact, when the scene of carnage was visited, only two of the victims were identified. 1500 body parts served as 32 Kurds for burial. 21 of them had been in their teens. 29 carried the same last name to their resting place.

Three days later, the fireworks lighted the skyline of Istanbul. Turks welcomed the New Year in a festive mood. Their government had not told them to go easy on the entertainment. The far-from-existing “brotherhood” of Turks and Kurds, the one so speciously touted by shallow Turks and Kurds, took a heavy toll on that night. The mood of each people said it all.


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