Dear Friends,


Sunday, November 27, 2011: since November 12, you donated an additional $ 4,037.00 to the earthquake relief effort.  We sent it to mayor of Wan on November 25, 2011.  Thanks to your contributions, we were able to collect a total of $ 13,101.97.  On the day we sent the second and last installment of your contributions, we also closed the earthquake relief account.  If you still would like help, please do so directly.  If you have problems doing so, please shoot us an email or call us and we would be happy to help you.  Again, thank you for helping the people of Kurdistan.


Saturday, November 12, 2011: we have, alas, run into the proverbial bureaucracy of PayPal relative to our account in terms of future contributions.  Your past contributions have all been sent to the region  —  if you were a donor, you got a confirmation of it on November 7, 2011.  We had hoped it would be $10,000.00, but it was $9,064.97.  But we still have 12 days to close our account.  We will post our next transfer of funds as well.  If you would like us to meet our target, here is the information about the bank account.

M&T Bank, Washington, DC

AKIN  — Earthquake Relief

The routing number is 052000113.

The account number is 9841533996.

Just in case you run into a problem, we are a phone call away.

Ruken Isik @ 202.280.5657

Omer Pacal @ 202.642.8051

Kani Xulam @ 202.483.6444


Monday, October 31, 2011: as of today, you have contributed $ 8,064.97 to the relief effort.  44 of you reached out to your wallets and we thank you for that (special thanks to one restaurant owner for doing a fundraiser with friends of the Kurds and Kurdistan).  Two of you  —  one a student  —  donated twice, again, thank you.  Two of you wanted to remain anonymous; we will honor that.  We are getting ready to wire the collected funds; we will send each of you a copy of the bank statement indicating the transfer of your donations.

As we noted in our first call for help, we will keep the account open till November 24, 2011.  In other words, you still have 24 days to join the growing community of helpers for the wounded and traumatized people of the region.


Thursday, October 27, 2011: as of today, this account is one day old. We are touched by your generosity — Kurds, Persians, Arabs, Turks, Americans and even an Englishman. Some of you have asked us about the destinations of your donations. In case you missed our first letter on the subject, we would like to repeat our earlier call that all of your donations, minus the PayPal’s nominal fee, which apparently is 2.2 percent, will go directly to the duly elected representatives of the people. You should know that there is some tension between the Kurdish representatives and the Turkish officials who are appointed to the area by the Turkish government. All of the official help is going through Turkish channels and we pray it will be delivered to the affected population. Lest we forget, we will also post on our website the wired amounts from time to time. Again, we thank you for reaching out to the people of the region.