For Immediate Release (#57)

September 29, 2001

Contact: Kani Xulam, 202.483.6444 or Adam Eidinger, 202.744.2671

News Advisory

Peace March Will Pay Solidarity Visit to Kurdish Vigil

Man with Knife had attacked it on the day of Infamy

(Editor’s note: this program is for the Sheridan Circle end of the Peace March. The program at Malcolm X park will start at 11:00 AM.)

Washington, DC — Thousands of peace activists are converging at Malcolm X Park for a day of reflections and prayers with a march through the streets of Washington, DC, to the site of the Kurdish Vigil at Sheridan Circle.

What: Peace March from Malcolm X Park to Sheridan Circle

Who: Theatro di Nascosto, Hidden Theatre, improvisational performance on the theme of war and peace by Annet Henneman and her crew

Reflections on the attack on the Kurdish Vigil by Kani Xulam

When: September 30, 2001, approximately 1:30 PM.

Where: Sheridan Circle (Massachusetts Avenue and 23rd Street, NW)

Why: Because in this time of foreboding menace the lovers of humanity need to close ranks against the warmongers.

The attacks on the United States have suddenly turned America into a hotbed of xenophobia. People who hail from the Middle East have been attacked forcing some to avoid city streets and public domains. The Kurdish Vigil in its 209th day across from the Turkish Ambassador’s residence was attacked on the night of the September 11, 2001. A man brandishing a knife slashed signs, called the vigil keeper a “terrorist” and threatened him to “go home”.

“I am profoundly grateful to the marchers for considering a solidarity visit to our violated site. People of goodwill need to hold hands in these times of trouble to stand up against bigotry, xenophobia and warmongering. There is a lot of hurt in the world. We should all do what we can to heal the wounds of war not add to them. The United States government should go after those who have committed these atrocious acts with a scalpel not an ax,” said Kani Xulam the director of the American Kurdish Information Network.