Congressional Effort
Be Part of the Effort in the U.S. Congress to Free Kurdish Parliamentarians
Have Your Rep. Stand Up for House Resolution 133
H.Res 133 in the U.S. Congress
Vigil Related Updates
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Turkey cited for unfair trial of Kurdish deputy Leyla Zana
… And Political Oppression, by Kani Xulam
The Cell of Atonement
Turkey’s Wall of Shame
UK Member of Parliament Visits Leyla Zana in Jail
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A Letter to the Washington Post and Our Response
Another Article in Turkish from Ozgur Politika
A Dutch Woman and An Italian Man Keep Vigil At the ‘Cell of Atonement’
Congressman Bob Filner’s Acceptance Speech
The Statement of Kani Xulam at Newroz Celebration in the U.S. Congress
An American Woman Enters the ‘Cell of Atonement’
The Statement of Kani Xulam at New Jersey Newroz Celebration
The Statement of Congressman Bob Filner
A Turkish Article from Ozgur Politika
A poem in Turkish from the a Participant of Our Vigil
Rep. Filner to Speak at ‘Cell of Atonement
Going Cellular for Human Rights
Vigil — Open Ended! Help us Make it A Success!
The Kurds, the Americans and the Demands of Liberty
The Last Kurdish Resolution in the U.S. Congress