The American Declaration of Independence declared everyone was “created equal.”

But some tyrants have made other people very unequal.

That is especially true in the Middle East…where the Turks, the Persians and the Arabs have their own countries.

But not the Kurds.

They have no country…no freedom… and no recognized or respected national identity.

Just who are these 30 to 40 million Kurds—who don’t have their own country, like everyone else?

Well, after World War I, the Allied powers and local dictators arbitrarily drew new boundaries and created whole new countries.

But Kurds got no country…no nothing.

It was as if the helpless Kurds had their arms and legs heartlessly hacked off—and their mangled corpse served up to counterfeit countries like an American turkey on Thanksgiving Day.

That political crime shames the pages of history—and stains the moral fiber of our very soul…

This is one of those people without a country.

His name is Kani Xulam…and he is a Kurd.

Kani lives in Washington, DC and works at the American Kurdish Information Network, or A-K-I-N.

He cherishes what you and I take for granted:

Freedom of speech….Freedom of religion….Freedom of the press….

Kurds can only dream of those priceless freedoms…while thousands of Kurdish women and girls have been brutally enslaved… simply because of their Yezidi religious faith….

Kurdish men and women have been savagely beaten…just for speaking their native language in public.

They are thrown into barbaric prisons… for merely talking about freedom….and left to rot in dark dungeons.

Four countries have cruelly crushed Kurdish freedom: Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria….

Most of them profited greatly from those phony World War I boundary lines.

But not the Kurds…they got nothing.

While most were given a splendid ship of state—Kurds were forced at sword-point to walk the plank

Yet Kani and the American Kurdish Information Network peacefully champion freedom for the oppressed Kurds.

They urge nonviolence, and honor men like Gandhi and Dr. King as role-models.

Kurds used nonviolence to fast for 40 days on the steps of the US Capitol…

And to conduct a 221-day vigil at the Turkish ambassador’s home in Washington.

But Kurds can’t do everything alone.

They need our help in their pursuit of freedom.

They need our voices, our pens and our hearts—and if at all possible, our financial support.

Together, we can help lift the galling yoke of tyranny from the blood-soaked back of the Kurds.

Together, we can hold high the magnificent torch of freedom….

Together, we can guide its gleaming sunlight throughout the gloomy mountains and valleys of Kurdistan….

With all our help—working shoulder-to-shoulder for equality—we can shine freedom into the dark dungeons of despots…and turn them into sparkling citadels of liberty and justice for all.

So please get to know this Kurd, Kani Xulam, who looks forward to your support in this vital struggle for freedom.

Remember: Freedom is all our responsibility.

By helping the Kurds gain their freedom, we make our own freedom a little more secure.

As Anne Frank wrote, just before the Nazis threw her into their hideous gas chambers:

No one has ever become poor by giving.

And as Saint Francis of Assisi reminds us:

It is in giving that we receive.

The Kurds welcome your support in this noble cause of freedom.

George Washington would welcome your help too.

Because, “If freedom of speech is taken away,” the great general said, “then, dumb and silent, we may be led like sheep to the slaughter.”

None of us want that. So let us all speak up.

Let us not, by our own silence, add our names to that monstrous crime against the Kurds that shames the pages of history…and stains the moral fiber of our souls.

Let freedom ring out around the world.

For us…for the Kurds…and for everyone…now and always!

PS: This is the script of an upcoming film about AKIN, which we are working on as we post these lines…