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Media Coverage

“Attacking the Victims” by Kani Xulam, 08/01/07 (pdf file)

“The Kurdish Question” by Madeleine Elfenbein, 07/17/07 (pdf file)

“Kurdish Activist Talks Human Rights at FSU” by Robin Fazio, 01/30/07 (pdf file)

“Saddam’s Death Leaves Unanswered Questions” by Aaron Glantz, 12/31/06 (pdf file)

“The People Behind the Persecution” by Don M. Burrows, 02/09/06 (pdf file)

“Fighting for Kurdistan” by Jessica Mann, 02/09/06 (pdf file)

“As Saddam Trial Proceeds, Court Learns Lessons From Past” by Sanjay Talwani, 1/1/2006 (pdf file)

“Kurds Petition U.N. For Independence from Iraq” by Benny Avni – Special to the Sun, December 24, 2004

Kurds Try to be Heard as World Turns Deaf Ear, Portland Press Herald – By Joshua L. Weinstein, 04/15/04

The Dictates of Nonviolence, the Kurds, and the Coming War, by Kani Xulam, 01/29/03

Smashing the Kurds; CIA Role in Kidnapping Abdullah Ocalan by Kani Xulam, 10/9/2002

You Can Go Home by Reza Jalali, 4/18/2002

The Great Terror by Jeffrey Goldberg, 4/2/2002

Armenian Genocide, Jewish Holocaust and the Signs of Our Times by R. Fisk, 11/27/2000

Rebel With A Cause by Kani Xulam, 11/9/2000

Documentary on violence against Kurds comes to Boston College by Nicholas Powers, 11/2/2000

Christian Science Monitor Profiles Kani Xulam by Jason Brown, 8/3/2000

War and Peace Turn a Kurdish Novelist Into a Cause Celebre by Hugh Pope, 5/24/2000

Human Rights Leave Chopper Deal in a Spin by Douglas Waller, 5/22/2000

Review of a Film: Good Kurds and Bad Kurds # 3 by J. Crowder, 4/24/2000

“A Dam and a Country that Wants to be Called European” by Ann Treneman, 4/17/2000

Review of a Film: Good Kurds and Bad Kurds # 2 by R. Koehler, 3/6/2000

Review of a Film: Good Kurds and Bad Kurds #1 by Nick Welch, 3/2/2000