August 11, 2016 “Impious Mars rages through the world: Just as when the chariots stream from the starting gates, Add to their speed each lap, and the charioteer tugging vainly at the bridles, Is dragged on by the horses, the chariot not responding to the reins.” Thus did Virgil’s poem Georgics describe the aftershock of… Continue reading

Nov 15, 2015 My cheers for Russian President Vladimir Putin are tongue-in-check, based on his vow to bomb the Islamic State cutthroats and their cousins who are battling the Syrian regime of Bashar Assad. The man who demolished Grozny, the Chechen capital, and renamed its main boulevard after himself believes in the supremacy of brute… Continue reading

Aug 13, 2015 Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu unfortunately talked out of both sides of his mouth last month in his Washington Post op-ed extolling his country’s battle against terrorism. Instead of letting the Post list his supposed credentials, he declared them himself, and in his opening lines no less: “A professor of history, diplomat… Continue reading

From Jun 22, 2015 Çek Cumhuriyeti’nin başkenti Prag’da eski ABD Başkanı Woodrow Wilson’ın heykeli var. Kosova Cumhuriyeti’nin başkenti Priştine’de ise Bill Clinton’ın. Kürdistan’ın başkenti Hewlêr’de (Erbil) de sizin heykeliniz olmalı. Sebebini açıklamadan önce, geçtiğimiz ay Beyaz Saray’da Kürdistan Bölgesi Başkanı Mesud Barzani’yi onurlandırdığınız için size teşekkür etmeme müsaade edin. Kürt temsilciliği, sizinle Kürt delegasyonu… Continue reading