From all the international hysteria, you would think that Kurds—one of the most brutally oppressed people on earth—were trying to unleash the deadly Bubonic Plague upon humanity. We aren’t—not even a common cold, barely a sneeze. We are merely saying we’d like to be free, as countless nations have craved over the centuries. We are… Continue reading

In its reports, don’t expect to find a reference to Ismail Besikci who first “discovered” Kurds in Turkey and was awarded 17 years behind bars for his “treasonous” efforts nor a mention of Giuseppe Mazzini who had the likes of Kurds in mind when he said, “without [a] country … you are the bastards of humanity,” nor an acknowledgement of Tacitus who had the likes of Turks in mind when he said, “Master race and liberty do not go together.”

Instead bigoted Turks define the Kurds and turncoat Kurds act as exhibits of why Kurds should never enjoy a place of their own under the sun.
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