Kani Xulam

KaniA native of Kurdistan, Kani Xulam is a commentator on the history and politics of Kurdistan, and advocates for the right of the Kurdish people to self-determination.

He is the director of the American Kurdish Information Network.

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AKIN and Kurdistan

The American Declaration of Independence declared everyone was “created equal.”

But some tyrants have made other people very unequal.

That is especially true in the Middle East…where the Turks, the Persians and the Arabs have their own countries.

But not the Kurds.

They have no country...no freedom… and no recognized or respected national identity.

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Good Kurds, Bad Kurds

In 2000, filmmaker Kevin McKiernan produced a documentary on the plight of the Kurds in Iraq and Turkey. Visit his web site to watch the trailer or order the film.

We must never again leave millions of men, women, and children at the mercy of the Turkish army.

— Danielle Mitterand, wife of the former President of France